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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I am in the process of selling my home?

Each homeowner who is looking to sell their home must request for a resale package from both the Master Association and their individual Landbay. Request for resale package from the Master Association.

2.Why do I get bills from two Associations?
When you purchased your home in McNair Farms you automatically became a member of two homeowner associations. You are a member of the McNair Farms Community Association, and you are also a member of your neighborhood association. If you are not sure which neighborhood association you are a member of, see Homeowner Association Landbays. The McNair Farms Community Association is guided by a 7-member Board of Directors and governed by legal documents established specifically for this Association. The McNair Farms Community Association owns and maintains the property that is common to all of McNair Farms, such as the buffer areas between neighborhoods, sidewalks, trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, the swimming pool and community center. Your individual neighborhood association has a separate Board of Directors comprised of members of that neighborhood only; your association owns and maintains the common areas around your home and throughout your neighborhood, and arranges for the trash pickup, snow plowing, landscaping, design guidelines, etc., for your neighborhood.

3. How can I serve on the Board of Directors?
Any homeowner from any neighborhood may serve on the Board of Directors. Elections are conducted at the yearly annual meeting that is held each May. Contact the Board or the Community Manager by mid-April or sooner to have your name placed on the ballot.

4. Why are the streets not plowed?
Your individual Landbay streets are private property, and your Landbay Board of Directors contracts with a snow plowing company to take care of them. The main roads through our community are the responsibility of VDOT (Coppermine Road, McNair Farms Drive, Frying Pan Road, Thomas Jefferson Drive). If there is an unreasonable delay in plowing these roads, calls to the hotline by many people will help get the trucks here: (703) 383-VDOT. The McNair Farms Community Association takes care of the sidewalks and parking lot around the Community Center only. No streets belong to MFCA.

5. How can I rent the Community Center?

You MUST be a resident in good standing within McNair Farms Community Association. A proof of address is required in order to rent the room (i.e. Driver's License or Settlement Statement). For further information or to check on a certain date, please contact the Community Manager at 703-713-6111.

6. How can I register my car for a parking pass?

The McNair Farms Community Center does not carry your neighborhood parking passes. You must contact your separate Landbay's management company for parking passes for this.  McNair Farms (Master) only provides parking passes for the pool, tot-lot, tennis and basketball courts. For further information, please contact 703-713-6111.

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