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Plowing Information


As a reminder, your individual Landbay streets are private property. Your Landbay Board of Directors is responsible for contracting a snow plowing company to take care of them. The main roads through our community are the responsibility of VDOT (Coppermine Road, McNair Farms Drive, Frying Pan Road, and Thomas Jefferson Drive). If there is an unreasonable delay in plowing these roads, call the hotline: (703) 383-VDOT. The McNair Farms Community Association (MFCA) takes care of the sidewalks and parking lot around the Community Center only. The MFCA is not responsible for the maintenance on the streets. Please be courteous and maintain your sidewalks and driveways by removing snow, sleet and ice. Keep the area clear and safe!



Newly Adopted Resolutions:

The Association has adopted two new resolutions as mandated by the state of Virginia. If you wish to receive this by mail at no cost, please contact the office at 703-713-6111 or request via email at  Please add these documents to your records.  Additionally, we would like to provide you with this brief on what these resolutions entail.

Resolution Regarding Examination & Copying of Records (No. 2012-01)- Pursuant to House Bill 1741 from the 2011 General Assembly Legislative Session, Virginia homeowner associations will now be required to adopt a policy outlining the costs for charges to be incurred by a Member that request to review and copy the Association’s books and records.  In the future, the Board may amend this cost schedule without amending the entire resolution. 

Resolution Regarding Complaint Process Procedures (No. 2012-02) -The Common Interest Community Board’s Ombudsman Regulations have been approved by the Governor and became effective July 1, 2012.  One of the requirements under the newly adopted regulations is that all Common Interest Communities (i.e., condominium associations, as well as property owners associations, and real estate cooperatives) adopt a written complaint process by which members and residents of the association can challenge “adverse decisions” made against them by the Association.


Parking Passes:

The McNair Farms Community Center does not carry your neighborhood parking passes. You must contact your separate Landbay's management company for parking passes for this.  McNair Farms (Master) only provides parking passes for the pool, tot-lot, tennis and basketball courts. For further information, please contact 703-713-6111.

Pet Owners:

There have been numerous complaints of dog owners not picking up after their pets.  Regardless of the weather, it is your responsibility to care for your pet, which includes immediate removal of pet defecation on any common ground area, roadways, sidewalks, etc. This is not only a nuisance, but a health hazard to other dogs and humans.  In Fairfax County it is against the law to allow animals to trespass on, destroy or damage another person’s property.  Animals are to be restricted with a leash at all times when exercised outside of the owner’s property.  No animal is allowed to trespass upon the property of another homeowner.  This includes allowing an animal to defecate or urinate on the property of another homeowner.   Any infraction of these policies should be reported directly to Fairfax County Animal Control (703) 830-1100.  Fairfax County code Section 41-1-2, Section 108-5-2 and Section 41-2-6). Likewise, animals must not frequently and habitually make loud and objectionable noises or be kept in such a manner as to cause unsanitary conditions. Individuals found to be in violation of the code can face hefty fines.







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