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Homeowner Association Landbays


Neighborhood associations are often referred to as “Landbay” or “sub-associations.”  Each neighborhood in McNair Farms has its own association that is made up of owners from that particular neighborhood.  The exception to this rule is the Sycamore Ridge single-family neighborhood, which does not have a neighborhood association (Landbay 10).  Neighborhood associations own and maintain all common areas within their boundaries as well as providing essential services such as common area ground maintenance, snow plowing, and trash removal for the owners of that neighborhood.  Providing insurance and reserving funds for future repairs of streets, sidewalks, and common areas are other essential services performed by these neighborhood associations.  These associations are very similar in function to the master association, except that they are smaller.  Neighborhood associates are governed by legal documents created specifically for that neighborhood and business is conducted by a board of directors made up of owners from that neighborhood.  Assessments are charged monthly or quarterly to each owner for the maintenance and upkeep of their neighborhood, and these assessment rates are determined and votes on annually by the neighborhood association’s board of directors.


Landbay 1
(Section 2)
Manors at McNair Farms Todd Taylor
First Service Residential.
(703) 385-1133
Landbay 2  

Community Management Group, Inc.
(571) 208-0942

Patricia Wilkins

Landbay 4 Wexford Townes

Call Paul Lee for information

(703) 793-.9662

Landbay 5 President’s Park

Community Management Group Inc

Patricia Wilkins

Landbay 6
(Section 1)
Kensington Townes Mary Frank
First Service Residential
(703) 385-1133
Landbay 6
(Section 2)
Park View, Parkside

Nancy Carter
Alliance Community Management, Inc.
Landbay 10 Sycamore Ridge Sections 6 & 7 Sections 6 & 7 No Neighborhood HOA
Landbay 11 McNair Corner

National Realty Partners, LLC

Sheila McMullan

Landbay 12
(Section 1)
Deer Oak Forest

Ken Eriksson

East Coast Management


Landbay 12
(Section 2)
Somerset Capitol Property Management
(703) 707-6404







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