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A Welcome from the Community Manager

Dear Homeowner,

Welcome to the website of McNair Farms.  I hope you find this website to be very helpful as you gather some information about what’s in and around McNair Farms!

McNair Farms is a 264-acre property situated on what was once the McNair family dairy farm.  Today, McNair Farms is a planned community comprised of townhouses, single-family homes, condominiums, and rental apartment complexes.  We also have a senior citizen’s complex, a day care center, and an elementary school.  Adjacent to our community and within easy walking distance are two shopping centers that are designed to care for your every need!  Throughout our community, you will find trails and sidewalks for walking, jogging or biking.  There are also tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, tot-lots, and a community center for your use and enjoyment!  McNair Farms is on the Fairfax Connector bus route with bus stops conveniently placed thoughout the community, there is a “Park n’ Ride” facility located on Sunrise Valley Drive less than two miles away.

Association Membership: If you decide to purchase a townhouse or condominium in McNair Farms, you will become a member of two associations.  There is a Master Association that every townhouse, condominium and single-family homeowner belongs to.  You will also belong to a neighborhood association (i.e. Landbays).  The Master Association is called the McNair Farms Community Association (MFCA). Today, this Association has approximately 2000 member homes.  Your neighborhood association (i.e. Landbays) are designed to handle the day-to-day maintenance and operation of the neighborhoods they serve. 

McNair Farms Community Association (MFCA): Owners from all participating neighborhoods in McNair Farms make up the membership of this Association, and these members included townhouse, single-family and condominium owners.  The apartment complexes are considered provisional members who owners contribute to the maintenance and reserve funds only.  Each apartment complex has its own recreational facilities and tenants use these instead of the MFCA’s facilities.  The MFCA is governed by a Board of Directors, whose job is to implement the many requirements and stipulations of the Association’s governing documents.

The MFCA owns, maintains, and insures all of the property that surrounds all neighborhoods inclusive of buffer areas between neighborhoods, sidewalks, trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, the swimming pool and community center.  The Board of Directors is made up of five homeowners.  Any homeowner from any member neighborhood (Landbays) may serve on this Board.  Elections are conducted at the Annual Meeting of the Membership, which are held each May.  Annual assessment rates for the MFCA are determined each year by the MFCA Board of Directors based on projected administrative and operational expenses and reserve funding for the next fiscal year.  Payments are due semi-annually on January 1st and July 1st.

Neighborhood Associations (Landbays): Neighborhood associations are often referred to as “Landbay” or “sub-associations.”  Each neighborhood in McNair Farms has its own association that is made up of owners from that particular neighborhood.  The exception to this rule is the Sycamore Ridge single-family neighborhood, which does not have a neighborhood association (Landbay 10).  Neighborhood associations own and maintain all common areas within their boundaries as well as providing essential services such as common area ground maintenance, snow plowing, and trash removal for the owners of that neighborhood.  Providing insurance and reserving funds for future repairs of streets, sidewalks, and common areas are other essential services performed by these neighborhood associations.  These associations are very similar in function to the master association, except that they are smaller.  Neighborhood associates are governed by legal documents created specifically for that neighborhood and business is conducted by a board of directors made up of owners from that neighborhood.  Assessments are charged monthly or quarterly to each owner for the maintenance and upkeep of their neighborhood, and these assessment rates are determined and votes on annually by the neighborhood association’s board of directors.

MFCA Community Center, Pool, Tennis courts, Basketball courts and tot-lots: In addition to funding services necessary for the maintenance and operation of the master association community property, the annual assessment that townhouse and condominium owners, pay to the master association covers the pool and tennis memberships as well as use of the basketball courts.  The pool is located next to the community center at 2491 McNair Farms Drive is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Where are the three (3) additional recreational facilities located in McNair Farms?

                            1)  Tennis Court, Basketball Court, and tot-lot

                            On corner of Burrough Farm Drive and Pennymoor Court behind the Clubhouse (cross road                                          Thomas Jefferson Drive)


                            2)  Tennis Court

                            On corner of Coppermille Drive and Coppermine Road


                            3) Tennis Court, Basketball Court, picnic area, pool

                            2491 McNair Farms Drive, Herndon, VA, 20171    



We hope you have found this information to be helpful!  If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact the MFCA site office at 703-713-6111.

Yours truly,

Monica Yafi

Community Manager

Capitol Property Management





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